About Jane von Bothmer

Jane von Bothmer received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles. After completing her undergraduate studies, Jane von Bothmer enrolled in a Master of Business Administration program at the Anderson School of Management at UCLA, where she specialized in Marketing.

Throughout her professional life, Jane von Bothmer has gained experienced across a wide range of organizations, such as the Bay Area Discovery Museum, which provides an array of educational opportunities for children in the region. Additionally, Ms. von Bothmer works as the Executive Director of the eWish Foundation, which sponsors a series of educational programs for underserved children.

Jane von Bothmer also previously contributed as a Board Member of HandsOn Bay Area (HOBA), which pairs volunteers with service opportunities in locations across the region. Every month, HOBA oversees more than 80 direct service projects and works to increase public knowledge of community issues.

Today, Jane von Bothmer serves on the Board of Directors of the Hamilton Family Center, a San Francisco-based nonprofit with longstanding dedication to alleviating the effects of homelessness. To improve the quality of life for families without housing in San Francisco, the Hamilton Family Center provides a number of resources, such as youth programming, shelter, support services, rapid re-housing, and eviction prevention assistance.


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